Top 10 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World

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worlds largest stock exchanges

There are 60 stock exchanges in the World, and most of these stock exchanges have thousands of listed companies. In terms of market capitalization, the United States of America’s stock market is the biggest with a 55.9% market share of total world equity. In terms of the number of companies listed on a stock exchange, India’s Bombay Stock Exchange is the biggest with more than 5000 companies listed on it. Euronext is a multi-state stock exchange which is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Global stock market correction likely before year-end: Reuters poll – Reuters

Global stock market correction likely before year-end: Reuters poll.

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Many big prominent British companies like Barclays, British Petroleum, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline among others are listed on LSE. From the late Middle Ages to the present day, the political and economic world has changed enormously. The term “Beurze” has been modified into many languages and always describes a trading platform or marketplace. The former farmers’ markets were also important hubs for the supply of the population, which is why there were early regulatory interventions by the government. While using this mechanism can help increase confidence in the market, it can also cause panic when traders try to force sell orders before circuit breakers hit the magic number. That’s because of the high volume right at the beginning of a trading day.

What is the largest stock exchange in the world?

In the last couple of years, the number of companies listed on this exchange has grown at an unprecedented rate and this had led to an increase in its market capitalization. JPX has close to 3,800 listed companies with a syndicated market capitalization surpassing US$ 5.63 trillion as of May 2023. The TSE’s metric indicator is Nikkei 400 and it is home to some of the voluminous  Japanese giants with international exposure, including Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, and Mitsubishi, and Sony. TSE has more than 3500 companies listed whose cumulative market capitalization is more than $6.795 trillion. Nikkei 225, is the benchmark index that constitutes 225 Japanese business conglomerates like Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Sony, Mitsubishi, and many others. Tokyo Stock Exchange which is also known as Tosho is the fifth largest stock exchange in the world located in Tokyo, Japan.

  • LSE is also the maiden source of benchmark prices, equity-market liquidity, and market data in Europe.
  • There is a possibility you have thought about some of the top stock exchanges in the world and you probably have also wondered where the largest stock exchanges in the world are based.
  • At the same time, the spread between the fixed exchange rate set by the People’s Bank of China and the offshore rate, rose to more than 1,000 basis points.
  • Stock market-based economies launched with BC Phoenicia’s large trade network.[4] The beginnings of lending were in Italy in the late Middle Ages.

This includes nature-based solutions such as reforestation and improved forest management, or technology-based solutions such as the production of biochar and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Discover how the average person’s carbon footprint impacts the environment and learn how carbon credits can offset your carbon footprint. Trading on big American exchanges also does the job of putting some investor concerns at bay.

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), India

The current market capitalization of HKEX is $43.64 trillion, where the large portfolio comes from the top 20 companies. LSE was the world’s largest stock exchange until the occurrence of World War I. Later NYSE toppled LSE to become the world’s biggest stock exchange after the end of world war I. SSE has more than 1450 public limited companies listed on its platform whose combined market capitalization is around $7.63 trillion. Rounding out our top 10 of the largest stock exchanges in the world is the Bombay Stock Exchange. Another one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, Euronext is home to the AEX-INDEX, the CAC 40 and the PSI-20. Now we’re on to the American exchanges, both of which fill out the top two entries on this list.

worlds largest stock exchanges

The Chinese government is heavily involved in supporting the equity markets. Interestingly enough, the company does not allow financial companies to list on its indexes. With the rise of algorithmic and electronic trading, many floor traders have seen their business decline. Companies have also raised significant amounts of capital through R&D limited partnerships. Tax law changes that were enacted in 1987 in the United States changed the tax deductibility of investments in R&D limited partnerships.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

In addition, publicly listed shares are subject to greater transparency so that investors can make informed decisions about a purchase. Stock market-based economies launched with BC Phoenicia’s large trade network.[4] The beginnings of lending were in Italy in the late Middle Ages. In the 1300s, Venetian lenders would carry slates with information on the various issues for sale and meet with clients, much like a broker does today. [5]
Venetian merchants introduced the principle of exchanging debts between moneylenders; a lender looking to unload a high-risk, high-interest loan might exchange it for a different loan with another lender. These lenders also bought government debt issues.[6]
As the natural evolution of their business continued, the lenders began to sell debt issues to the first individual investors in the late 1900s. The Venetians were the leaders in the field and the first to start trading securities from other governments, yet did not embark on private trade with India.

Since several exchanges are also publicly listed stocks themselves, the market capitalization used is for all the companies listed on the exchanges instead of the value of the exchange’s own publicly traded stock. Additionally, while the Bombay Stock Exchange is one of the largest exchanges in India, no reliable data for its market value is available so it has been omitted. A stock exchange is a marketplace where investors can buy and sell securities, including stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities and other financial instruments. Also, it serves as a measure of the economy’s health and a key indicator of the world’s economic strength. This article explains about the top 10 largest stock exchanges in the world. The total market capitalization of all listed HKSE stocks is more than 6.13 trillion dollars.

CME Group to Launch Treasury Bill Futures

With just over 23 trillion in total market capitalization, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the largest stock exchange in the world. The Japan Exchange Group, Inc. is a Japanese financial services company created through the merger of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc and the Osaka Securities Exchange. It is the largest stock Forex technical analysis exchange (by market capitalization) in Asia, and it’s headquartered at Kabutochō, Chūō, Tokyo, Japan. The first stock exchange was established in Amsterdam in 1602 to ensure that the public could trade the shares of the Dutch East India Company. The Tehran Stock Exchange is Iran’s largest stock exchange and is based in Tehran, Iran.

The company also provides private market services, offering debt and equity issuance as well as access to some of the worlds’ largest and most liquid pools of capital. The exchange has 1,093 employees, $11,500,000,000 (yen) currently flowing through its markets and has issued 536,351,448 total shares. In the first third of the trading day is usually the best time of day to buy stocks on Nasdaq.

The TSX ( Toronto Stock Exchange)

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Stock Market – Nasdaq, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and Shanghai Stock Exchange are some of the biggest stock exchanges in the world. Nasdaq Nordic is a subsidiary of Nasdaq and it is a pan European Exchange comprised of seven different exchanges in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Finland, Iceland, Talin, Riga, and Vilnius. Bolsas y Mercados Españoles is a Spanish exchange company that operates the BME exchanges. These exchanges are located in Barcelona, Bilbo, Madrid, and Valencia and all of thee have the same MIC of BMEX. The market capitalization of these exchanges was $732 billion as of January 2023.

London Stock Exchange is among the oldest stock exchanges in the world, which was set up in 1801. It was the first to set up European benchmark price, market, and equity-market liquidity data. There are approximately 3000 companies listed on the LSE with a total market capitalization of $4.13 trillion. Located at Lower Manhattan, New York City, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the second oldest stock exchange in the United States, after the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. With a total market capitalization of about $30.1 trillion, as of February 2018, the NYSE is the largest stock exchange in America and the entire world. Today’s infographic comes to us from, and it compares the 20 largest stock exchanges in the world in terms of market capitalization, total companies listed, and number of years since they were founded.